ScotGrass Products

Sport / Golf

For sports applications, we can supply either:

  • a specialist surface, engineered to meet performance/certification standards for a single sport
  • a multisport or a hybrid lawn/landscape product — dense, durable for a variety of uses

For golf applications, we only use genuinely purpose built golf surfaces — multisport surfaces will never achieve the same smoothness or speed of roll.

Main product categories are below. However, as each sport project is unique it’s always best to discuss surface selection with us directly at an early stage. We can advise, provide technical information, supply, and, ultimately, install.


Products designed and rated for the performance characteristics required for individual sports. We can cover: Football, Hockey, Tennis, Rugby, Netball, Cricket, and Bowls.

These can be further broken down into different performance/speed levels depending on the type of end-user — beginner/kids > club/intermediate > competition/professional.

Many are individually certified for performance by sports bodies such as FIFA, ITF etc.


Not rated for performance for any particular sport but suitable for many at a casual level. Great for high traffic, mixed use areas such as school playgrounds. Often don’t require sand/rubber infill, thereby cutting maintenance.

These surfaces retain some of the appearance of the familiar bladed artificial lawn grasses, while being hard wearing and tough enough for heavy and frequent use.

Also suitable for utility areas, such as sports pitch surrounds and the ever more popular MUGA (multi-use games area), or even just a practice area at home tailored to your favourite sport.


We have different grades of surface, from budget-friendly polyethylene to the smoothest and most resilient nylon. All greens are very high density (or “stitch rate”) for a smoother roll but run at different speeds depending on the golfer’s preference.


25mm curled nylon surface which accepts standard golf tees for driving and iron play straight off the surface. Built for maximum durability and longevity due to compression resistance.


To complete a golf project we also supply hole cups, pins, flags, tee mats, pathways, fringe grass, target greens and can install custom driving nets or even bunkers.