ScotGrass Products


For installations such as school playgrounds, children’s nurseries, public parks and display/exhibition areas, a more specialist product is often required, either to stand out visually or to meet safety standards.

We work with the product types below, but if your project demands something unusual, talk to us and we can source something. Also if a designer or landscape architect has specified a particular product or brand, we can recommend a technically suitable alternative if necessary.

For products available in multiple colours, please enquire for current availability of desired colour(s).


12mm curled pile, densely stitched for a smooth surface. Available in standard green, and a variety of colours. Designed for play or casual sports uses. Requires the absolute minimum of maintenance, with sand infill optional


26mm pile straight-bladed, landscaping/lawn-style product. Generally sand filled. Available in a variety of bold colours, great for adding interest to projects for young children, and for exhibition/promotional use.

We can also incorporate elements such as shapes, words or even more complex pre-cut designs like hopscotch or animals. These are made of artificial grass and can be stitched into wider areas of the turf if required. Please contact to discuss the options in more detail.


A safety surface normally installed in public parks to surround play equipment or outdoor gyms. These are extremely durable tufted matting surfaces that are always heavily sand filled to absorb impact for the safety of users. Some specialist equipment is required to install and infill to the correct specification. Where falling from height is a factor (generally >1.4m), shock pads (see below) may be required underneath the sand carpet for safety and insurance purposes.


Impact absorbing pads installed below finished surface, over hard, stable surfaces such as aggregate, concrete or tarmac layers. Fast drying and porous. Minimise the risk of injury during play, especially when falling from height. Different thicknesses for different fall heights. Pad dimensions 2.25m x 0.94m (2.115m2 per pad).

Fully laboratory tested and certified – vital when a designer is required to consider Critical Fall Height and Head Injury Criteria. To meet guidelines the whole system – pads, turf and infill – is considered. We work with architects and designers to assist in correct specification.


These products are essentially a compromise between landscaping and sports grasses, and may be desirable for play areas. These retain much of the more natural look of synthetic lawn turf without being quite as soft, and incorporate much of the durability of sports pitch grasses without needing to meet strict performance standards.