ScotGrass Products

Lawn/Landscape - please note - website currently being updated

Artificial lawn products vary in colour, texture, density and length of pile. Our range is detailed below but feel free to request a sample pack to see and feel them up close.

All lawns are child and pet friendly, with a 10 year UV guarantee, meaning the colour will not fade in this time. Overall life expectancy, however, is over 20 years in northern Europe, with a little bit of maintenance.

Pile height is often seen as the primary sign of quality. While longer products can feel softer, the quality of the yarn itself, the strength and constructed shape of fibres, pile density or “stitch rate”, and robustness of the backing are all important technical factors we consider when selecting the range. We can guide you towards the most suitable products for your location and intended use.


 Pile height:  26mm  
 Product weight:  2,005g per m2
 Yarn type:  C-shape


 Pile height:   26mm
 Product weight:  2,005g per m2
 Yarn type:   C-shape


 Pile height:  28mm
 Product weight:  2,085g per m2
 Yarn type:  C-shape


 Pile height:  30mm
 Product weight:  2,335g per m2
 Yarn type:  C-squared




 Description:  35mm
 Product weight:  2,605g per m2
 Yarn type:  C-squared



 Pile height:  37mm
 Product weight:  2,955g per m2
 Yarn type:  C-shape



 Pile height:  40mm
 Product weight:  2,855g per m2
 Yarn type:  mix of Straight/V-shape yarns