ScotGrass Products



310ml cartridge. One of the few genuine custom designed artificial grass adhesives on the market. Creates a high strength bond between the latex backing and joining tape. Can also bond turf to many other surfaces if required. Slow curing for long working time. One tube generally covers 3 metres of join.


From the same manufacturer as our adhesive, ensuring compatibility and therefore high strength joins. Non-porous on underside to prevent leakage of glue from the top and absorption of moisture from the ground. 200mm wide for ease of use, and available in continuous lengths up to full rolls of 100m.


Acting primarily as a weed barrier, this is a very heavy grade so is also strong enough to separate sand/type 1 layers from the earth below, limiting aggregate loss into soil (sinkage) and movement of organic material into “clean” base layers (weeds).

Excellent drainage rate. Sold as either 4.5m x 100m rolls, 2.25m x 100m rolls, or by the square metre. Life expectancy is site-dependent but generally a few decades, comparing favourably to the smaller, lighter rolls often seen.


Also known as silica sand, block paving sand, pavior sand, or driveway sand. Used for top dressing and brushing in to artificial lawns to stand up the pile and improve appearance, to provide impact absorption on safety surfaces, or to change the performance characteristics of sport surfaces.

Available in 22.5kg bags, or by the pallet of 56 bags (1,260kg).

Please note that for some specialised sport surfaces different grades of silica, and possibly rubber crumb, are required. To be stored in dry conditions.


Sheet material with drainage holes and very high compression resistance. For use under artificial turf to provide cushioning when laying over hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac or paved areas. Also when fitting on decking – to cushion, to prevent grooves and gaps showing through the surface, and to smooth out imperfections in the levels on the deck.

Priced by the square metre, with rolls 1.2m wide. Please note – not to be confused with shock pads, which are the only product rated specifically to prevent injury from falls from specific heights.